Above 'Mode 3'

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Above 'Mode 3'

Postby OzPlayer » 16 Apr 2019, 12:34

I want to set a playback to mode 3 except for that playback.
Been talking to a college and we can't think of a setting to set a playback to be above Mode 3. More useful for conference than anything else.

Example, Going to a VT state and it kills a signer special for hard of hearing. Some VT's have subtitles some don't so need sign language. Could also be useful for hazers being killed in long VT's so you don't have haze in the room when you restore from VT.

I know I could just fire the required playback again and it will override mode 3. Or program 2 cues, 1 with the special and 1 without. BUT, I think it would be easier if there was a 'Mode 4' option or in [Playback options][Priority] there was an 'Above Mode 3' option.

Would this simple option be any use for any one else? Are there any plans from developers for something like this?
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Re: Above 'Mode 3'

Postby phb » 16 Apr 2019, 14:56

It sounds like you're looking for priority; set the priority of the playback you don't want to be crossfaded out to be higher than the priority of the Mode 3 playback.

In your example:
Haze Playback: Priority = High
VT Playback: Mode = Mode 3

Firing the haze playback and then the VT playback will then result in both outputting.
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