Pan/Tilt Shape Speed Change

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Pan/Tilt Shape Speed Change

Postby kimwida » 11 Mar 2018, 17:06

I want to change Pan/Tilt shape(or any shape) speed by a macro.
I tried this. But no luck.

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   <step pause="0.01">Include.SelectPlaybackHandle("playbackHandleUN=1802")</step>   
   <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Editor.Shapes.Speed", 0.1)</step>
   <step pause="0.01">Handles.ClearSelection()</step>

So, I thnk I should use this one...

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   Void Editor.Shapes.SetShapeSpeed(Int32 shapeId, Double speedValueToSet, IEnumerable`1 fixtureIds)

To see Pan/Tilt shaped id, I include a playback having Pan/Tilt shape. And fire this code. But it doesn't show the id.

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   <step pause="0.01">Handles.SetSourceHandleFromHandle("playbackHandleUN=1049")</step>
   <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Handles.PendingLegend", Math.ToString(Editor.Shapes.SelectedViewShapeId))</step>
   <step pause="0.01">Handles.SetLegend()</step>
   <step pause="0.01">Handles.ClearSelection()</step>

Second parameter might be the speed that I want to change.
And I don't have any clue about the third parameter.

Thanks for any advice!!
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Re: Pan/Tilt Shape Speed Change

Postby jacklighting » 28 May 2018, 10:19

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(Int32 shapeId, Double speedValueToSet, IEnumerable`1 fixtureIds)

want Example for this , shapeid where can i look ?
i Wait for the experts to answer. :D
Best Regard , Sincerely :D

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