Bug? Key Frame Shapes assert incorrect function/DMX values for new palette channels

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Bug? Key Frame Shapes assert incorrect function/DMX values for new palette channels

Postby revenant » 19 Apr 2022, 12:05

Arena V15

When palettes being used by Key Frame Shapes are updated with new palette channels (attributes), subsequent playing back of those Key Frame Shapes results in incorrect DMX output values being asserted for those new palette channels (attributes).

Repro as follows -

1. Start new show
2. Patch 1 x Clay Paky Scenius Spot (Standard, 32 DMX Mode)
3. Record a beam palette containing Scenius Spot Zoom attribute at 50%
4. <Clear> Programmer
5. Select Scenius Spot and create Key Frame Shape
6. Add frame with Scenius Spot Zoom attribute value referencing the previously created beam palette
7. [Finish Recording Frames]
8. <Record> <Select a Playback Handle>
9. <Clear> and <Exit>
10. Select Scenius Spot and set Frost attribute to "Heavy 100%"
11. Merge the current Frost attribute value into the previously created beam palette
12. <Clear> and <Exit>
13. Play back Key Frame Shape
14. Observe DMX value for Frost attribute channel is 0 (should be 255)

When viewing the Key Frame Shape, it shows the new channels/attributes have been added and shows the correct values. <Include>ing the Key Frame Shape and opening the frame for editing shows the correct attributes and function/values are being recalled and it also asserts the correct DMX output at that point. So, all programming appears correct, but fixture state is being lost in translation somewhere on route to DMX output.

In general, the values being output are the power on ID:Value for single function attributes, for multi-function attributes it seems the system is choosing the first function within the conditional set. It is not, however, an absolute rule as it was noted that it was possible to get the system to a state where it was unclear exactly which function/value(s) were being chosen and it was also noted that at times the DMX output values of attributes that were not in the palette, shape or any other playbacks at the time were also being asserted on. Unfortunately, no reliable repro could be found for those scenarios.

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