Spread delay with fade out works only once.

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Spread delay with fade out works only once.

Postby antisthenes » 12 Dec 2021, 23:01

I want to create cue with symmetrical spread delay and fade out.

1. Patch 20 fixtures
2. Change group fixture order from center to the sides
3. Set dim at 100%.
4. Set spread delay: Time-Fixture-I-0@0 thro 0.25.
5. Record
6. Set blue button for Timed Flash. Cue works as expected.
7. Set Flash Fade Out to 0.5
8. Playback executes desired behavior only once! After that it ignores delay time.
9. After changing Fader Mode from one to another, fixtures got stuck. Release doesn't work.

Video: https://youtu.be/AWAxow8QT-w

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