difference in behaviour between preset palette and self-created palette

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difference in behaviour between preset palette and self-created palette

Postby rjlkuipers » 16 Jan 2020, 12:16

Hi all,

I notice there is a difference in behaviour between preset-palettes and self-created palettes.
I have a couple of CLF Yara's. When I import the fixtures and choose for preset-palettes to be created, they are.
Changing colors is as simple as selecting a palette. (they contain just color information and are created as GS palettes).
When I manually create a palette for a different color, also with just color info and saved as GS palette, this preset behaves differently. When selected and I subsequently select a different color, my self-created palette remains active. So I get a color-mix. This does not happen when I choose either one of the preset-palettes and then pick a different preset-palette. In the latter case, the first palette is de-activated. I can't explain the difference in behaviour.

I'm on Titan v12, T1

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Re: difference in behaviour between preset palette and self-created palette

Postby niclights » 16 Jan 2020, 16:06

It sounds like your palettes don't contain all of the controls. If you are quick recording the palettes by double-tapping on an empty handle in the Colours window by default the record mode is set to 'Mixed' which will record the current value for all colour controls, regardless of whether they are in the programmer or not. But if you record palettes with the record mode set to 'Channel in Programmer' it will only record the controls that are in the programmer. You can check the contents of a palette by pressing OPEN/VIEW (legend varies depending on platform) followed by the palette handle you want to view. In the palette view see if it contains all of the colour components. If not you could place the missing controls in the programmer at the appropriate level and merge them into the palette.

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