Tiger Touch II Power Up Problem

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Tiger Touch II Power Up Problem

Postby artmartin » 30 Sep 2019, 07:41

Our Tiger Touch II wouldn’t power down. I crashed it. Now it won’t power up. There is power to the psu. Anyone else had problems with the power switch circuit? What did you do to solve the problem. Is there a work around?
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Re: Tiger Touch II Power Up Problem

Postby Gregory » 30 Sep 2019, 14:16

A problem with the power switch is rare but not impossible, if you could contact Lee in the Avolites Service department (repairs [at] avolites.com) he should be able to guide you through checking the connections.
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Re: Tiger Touch II Power Up Problem

Postby michaelarman » 19 Nov 2019, 21:40

Hi! I've had my Tiger Touch II about 5 months and all is working great. Except today, it would not power on?!? I check the power cable, power switch on the back, I saw Network activity lights so I know it was getting power, but the front panel power switch did nothing. FINALLY after 10 minutes or so, I pushed the power button again, and it came on. INCREDIBLY FRIGHTENING! The little rocker switch seems to function as it has from the beginning, I have no idea, and I'm afraid now to power it down.
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Re: Tiger Touch II Power Up Problem

Postby FalkenADF01 » 23 Nov 2019, 12:17

It happened to me a couple times, I just turned it off and on again until it worked... Low tech, bbut as long as it works, I didn't bother having the thing fixed :mrgreen:

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