DMX Modes

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DMX Modes

Postby grollie » 29 Jul 2019, 19:04

Just installed titan 11.3 on new machine with 6 lumen8 alu hex par 64 and then 2 Chuvet COLORband T3 BT all on one circuit. They did all work together on mode DMX6 but I've not succeeded in getting it running as (8 Lumen8 alu hex). Now when i try the only mode 5DMX that's common to both sets it will not run. tried DMX6 and get spurious flashes. Does it self allocate addresses or will i have to put them in. Thanks for help so far with previous question.
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Re: DMX Modes

Postby LordOrange » 23 Aug 2019, 12:03

If you had it working before, you should just be able to load your old showfile. Titan showfiles are all forwards compatible (eg. a v10.0 Titan showfile will run on v11.3)

Otherwise it sounds like you have a case of incorrect profile or incorrect DMX address. Avolites will automatically assign a DMX address to each fixture on the console when you patch it, but you need to make sure that these addresses match the ones manually set on the fixtures themselves.

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