Macro colour bump highlight state

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Macro colour bump highlight state

Postby Jeroen_dereus » 06 Jul 2019, 22:07


If started some macro codeding for my owne macro's,(noobie right now :P)
Is there a way to get this macro a active highlight when you have run it? I now the first part <active binding= but then what?

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <!-- Automatically exported from 10-6-19 - Titan Mobile;Titan Console (DESKTOP-2LGEJR9) on 6-7-2019 21:03:40. -->
  <macro id="UserMacro.ColourBumperRed">
    <name>Colour Bumper Red</name>
    <description>Bumps true red colour</description>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty.Boolean("Programmer.BlindActive", true)</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Programmer.SetBlindMode(false, 0)</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Group.RecallGroupNumeric(100)</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Palette.ApplyPalette("Location=Colours,1,3", false)</step>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Palette.CurrentPaletteHandle", handle:"Location=Colours,1,100")</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Palette.StoreCurrentPaletteReplace()</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Programmer.Editor.ClearAll()</step>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty.Boolean("Programmer.BlindActive", false)</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Programmer.SetBlindMode(false, 0)</step>

If it is possible can you also make it if you have more colour bumps that if you run a other one that one will become highlighted?
Thank you much for your time.

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