Fading speed FX

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Fading speed FX

Postby thekid » 14 Apr 2019, 12:17

Hello everyone,

How can a simply fade a key frame ( or even a shape) speed onver 2 cues in a cue liste

Cue 1 RED/WHITE key frame speed 3 bpm
Cue 2 same effect but speed will fade in 3 sec from 3bpm to 30 bpm

thanks for your advices ...
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Re: Fading speed FX

Postby niclights » 14 Apr 2019, 14:35

It seems that at the moment shape tracking doesn't recognise parameter changes, so if you record the same effect in two adjacent cues and just change the speed and (shape) tracking is on it will track the original effect/parameters and not change the speed.

I am sure this is wrong. But the workaround at the moment is either to turn off tracking (or just shape tracking) or to recreate the effect again in the second cue. Note that for some reason include doesn't work in this case either. So, create effect with speed 3 bpm, record cue 1, clear, create identical effect but with speed 30bpm, record cue 2, set fade in cue 2 to 3sec.

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