External touch screen on Quartz

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External touch screen on Quartz

Postby Tonerboy » 31 Dec 2018, 20:18

Newbie here just acquired a Quartz with Titan V11 and want to add an external touchscreen. I have attached the monitor with video and USB and activated the unit in Titan. The touchscreen seems to function in that when the monitor is touch the cursor on the internal screen moves however no response on the external screen. I'm sure I have misconfigured something as I attempt to learn/migrate from a GrandMa. Any direction would be appreciated.

Like the console by the way.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: External touch screen on Quartz

Postby Gregory » 31 Dec 2018, 20:57

It may be that you need to configure which monitor is associated with the touch input. If the monitor is Windows Touch compatible you should be able to do this by clicking on the Tools button then go to Control Panel > Touch Screen Setup > Windows Touch. In the Tablet PC Setup dialogue press on the Setup button to configure which monitor is which. You may require a keyboard to do this.

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