Linked copy nightmares

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Linked copy nightmares

Postby oaksld » 13 Jul 2018, 22:53

The way I run my show (i’ve been doing it this way for years) its that I have a cuelists for each song that I put my traveling fixtures in and usually add the local companies moving fixtures to those cuelist. I always use the remainder of the submasters on each page to program static par cans and static led fixtures (old school submasters) I have a total of about 18 different scenes that I use on these submitters and I ALWAYS do a linked copy when adding to these submasters. However, starting about a year ago with v10.1 some of the linked cues would not reflect any changes made to their linked counterparts, it always seemed to be the same cues on the same pages even though I would replace them with a new linked copy, the next day it would happen again!

So, I thought I must have a bug in my show file and when the opportunity arose I completely deleted my show, did a complete recovery of OS (btw I am using Titan Mobile on a Dell Laptop running Windows 10) and upgraded to v11.. I have since started programming a whole new show but guess what??? The exact same problem is rearing it’s ugly head!! Some of the cues reflects the changes made and some don’t! I’ve even had another LD sit with me and watch what I’m doing and he was scratching his head.. he didn’t understand either.

I am not a young pup.. I have been using Avolites since the QM500… as far as I’m concerned a linked copy is just that… a LINKED COPY! Right? why are some of my cues not linking?

Sorry for the rant but my hair is falling out from all the head scratching.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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