Help Chase XFade macros

This is a place for people to chare the custom macros they have written.

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Help Chase XFade macros

Postby rkeijsers » 23 Oct 2016, 19:53

When I use the "Chase XFade" macros to set an XFade value it only works on the latest selected playback.

Is it possible to set this value for all active playbacks?
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Re: Help Chase XFade macros

Postby Gregory » 24 Oct 2016, 16:55

I cannot think of a way you could write a general purpose macro for this. You could record a macro of connecting to a chase running the macro to set the XFade, then connecting to the next chase and so on. If you went through all ten playback swop keys (regardless of whether there is a chase there) then you would have a macro that could change all the chases on the current page at once.

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