Titan Network Settings

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Titan Network Settings

Postby watty » 14 Jul 2021, 13:46

I am a little confused with how network settings work within Titan.
I am using a NUC with Titan V14 and a Titan Mobile. I have connected the Nuc to a Chauvet NET X11 Node by an ethernet cable and have set up artnet/dmx.
If I set the node to use the built in static IP address and go to network settings in Titan and then edit the ethernet network interface and select "SET IP 2.*.*.* (Mask, the PC network settings are changed and it all connects OK.
When I change the node to manual IP setting and select something like with mask set to , the node does not connect. Also if I edit the IP address from within network settings to something like, it does not connect.

So if I use "Set IP 2.*.*.* " it works. How would I set Titan to work when the node is manually set to What am I doing wrong?

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