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TigerTouch2 Visualizer

Postby stijndjong » 22 Feb 2021, 09:53

Hi Guys,

We have some trouble with our TIgerTouch 2 and maybe someone here will know the solution.

The desk works fine till we open the "Visualizer". By pressing the Visualizer button it will open the screen and loading the visualizer and after 2 seconds it will show a white screen and the desk will do a reboot.
I had already contact support@avo and they said it could by multiple reasons like processor, memory, mainboard etc and we need to contact our local distributor.

Because of the Covid virus we don't have money for the bills of the research so we want to try to fix it by ourselves.
We had already swapped the mainboard, processor and memory from another working tiger touch without any succes.

Anybody an idea?

Many thanks!

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