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Playback View Colums Macro

Postby kimwida » 18 Sep 2019, 04:12

1. Record a playback in first slot of second playbacks window page.
2. Set On "Column Filters Visible" in Playback View.
3. Edit Columns and save it.
Filter.JPG (24.12 KiB) Viewed 6242 times

4. Select a filter.
5. Run the macro.

Code: Select all

   <macro id="Get_FilterID">
    <name>Get FilterID</name>
      <step pause="0.01">Handles.SetSourceHandleFromHandle(handle:"Location=PlaybackWindow,2,1")</step>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("Handles.PendingLegend", Math.ToString(PlaybackView.SelectedFilterId))</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Handles.SetLegend()</step>
      <step pause="0.01">Handles.ClearSelection()</step>

6. You see the filter id on first playback of second playbacks window page.
7. Run the macro for the filter. 70687 is the selected filter id.

Code: Select all

  <macro id="Filter_Mine">
    <name>Filter Mine</name>
      <step pause="0.01">ActionScript.SetProperty("PlaybackView.SelectedFilterId", 70687)</step>

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