Technical networking communication question

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Technical networking communication question

Postby Kacey » 17 Jul 2019, 00:42

We're having an issue with communications at our site and trying to diagnose it but facing unknowns. What is the communications between the Avolites software and the Titan servers? What protocol and port is the traffic communicating on? Not sure what's going on that when connected to the same switch the devices are unable to see one another.

Another issue we're having is node discovery, some nodes are not being found and that I was informed is using SMB1. I'm going off what I was told here, I'm hoping someone can reply with real answers of what all the actual communications are that are going on with this stuff on my network so I can better diagnose if it's my switches or the configuration of the software/server.

I was also being told it was communicating via IGMP between Avolites and Titan, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

Thank you.
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Re: Technical networking communication question

Postby LordOrange » 23 Aug 2019, 11:53

As far as I know, your avolites console and TitanNet Processor use a custom protocol to communicate between each other called TitanNet. Not sure what port it talks on but as long as you have you're IP's set to the same range (they'll more than likely need to be set manually to a static IP on both ends if you're simply going through a switch) they should pick up automatically.

As for the node discovery you're talking about, what kind of nodes do you mean? Are these ArtNET or SaCN nodes? I'm not really familiar with SMB1 but from a quick google, it shouldn't be relevant to a lighting network. Most network nodes will use the SaCN or ArtNET protocols to send DMX signal over ethernet.

As for the IGMP (again going off of 5 minutes googling) you should really have all your devices connected on a closed network. IGMP may be getting in the way of proper communication with nodes (via artnet or sacn) or between your console and TNP (via titanNet).

Hope that helps

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