Move in Dark - Disable for one fixture

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Move in Dark - Disable for one fixture

Postby MattAC » 28 Feb 2019, 14:51

Hi Guys,

We are doing a theatre show where I am triggering video files from my main cue list for the show off a desk running V11. The personality controlling the videos uses the intensity channel to bring the layer up on the projection, and the 'G' channel to select which clip is being played, each value on the 'G' channel respresents one video clip.

The issue is that when the clip is selected (when the corresponsing 'G' channel is selected by the desk), the video automatically starts playing - and in the cue stack I have move in dark turned on and set to Early, so of course when the previous clip is finished the MiD changes the 'G' channel to the next clip and starts the clip early.

Does anyone have a solution better than recording a 'G' channel value which doesn't trigger any clips in the cues preceeding and following the VT cue? Perhaps there is a way to stop one type of fixture moving in Dark in a cue list?

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Re: Move in Dark - Disable for one fixture

Postby sideshowbond » 28 Feb 2019, 15:33

Hard to tell without knowing what player and personality you're using but usually they have a Pause atribute on some channel so you could set pause and resume play when needed.

Another idea could be to have intensity at 0.1% in the cues inbetween to stop move in dark from happening. However that might be visible to the audience.
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Re: Move in Dark - Disable for one fixture

Postby Judge » 15 Apr 2019, 16:02

How about you make the cue for the video separate, ie have it as the next cue. So if your main cue number is 5, you could have the video as 5.1 and link them, Set it to Link with previous cue - and then turn off MID on your video point cues only.
Would that work?

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