calling Capture cameras via macro

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calling Capture cameras via macro

Postby sideshowbond » 07 Nov 2018, 16:32

Is there a way to recall a user generated view/camera via macro?

Sebastian found out how to call the factory ones

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Visualiser.Capture.UpdatePosition(Windows.Visualiser.Capture.CameraPositions, Windows.Visualiser.Capture.SelectedCamera, CaptureCameraPositions.GetPresetPosition(Math.ToEnum("Avolites.Titan.Controllers.Console", "Avolites.Titan.Controllers.Console.CaptureVisualiser.CaptureCameraPresetPosition", "TopView")))

but we haven't found out how to access the user ones.
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Re: calling Capture cameras via macro

Postby Gregory » 13 Nov 2018, 00:27

The Capture Settings window uses the same UpdatePosition function, however passes the position directly (the third parameter) from the data it has. There does not appear to be a function to retrieve a position outside of the predefined ones and it is not a type that can be casted/converted from text as with more common types. You might be able to start from one of the predefined and use DragPosition and DragAngle to get to the desired position but this is not perhaps ideal.

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