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Postby safirul » 12 Apr 2007, 06:09

may i no can i print out my all my lighting plot in this sofware :D :D :?:
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Postby iadwm » 13 Apr 2007, 15:08

In a word no, there are no true print options. BUT you can get around it.
If you want to take a screen print, just use the normal PC screen print (ALT+PrtScr), you can then PASTE this in the normal way, so you can print it out.

However, this will have the black background, so you may want to invert it to white (your printer will thank you for this!), so open MS Paint (or similar - note it will not work with Photoshop) , and paste your screen into and open picture, select invert colours (Ctrl+I). You can then obviously save the whole thing as a .jpg or whatever.

You could also use Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr to grab the active window, if you don't want the whole screen (ie for a patch list), but this is a bit cumbersome because if you have a long list it may not all fit into an open window (ie requires scrolling). This could then be pasted into Notepad or Word for printing. The other option would be to EXPORT your theatre to a .csv file and open that in Notepad and print from there. But you will get a whole load of stuff that you wont want and will be meaningless unless you can read a .csv file!



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