Old fixtures in Capture

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Old fixtures in Capture

Postby akepaulsson » 22 Oct 2019, 21:34

I have a couple of problems in Capture.
The first is that deleted fixtures still show up in the visualiser and I can’t get rid of them. (The red beam from the floor and some of the marked fixtures in the back end).
The second problem is one of eight newly added fixtures don’t work. If I chose it its being marked in the visualizer as expected, but pressing Locate doesn’t do anything and if I try to move the fixture the XYZ values are blank.

Would appreciate some help. (Titan 11, Mobile +Wing)


PS: Deleting the theatre gives me a new default theatre with the pathed fixtures, but then I have to move over 50 fixtures and rebuild walls etc on a regular base and that is something I rather not do.
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Re: Old fixtures in Capture

Postby oaksld » 05 Nov 2019, 14:31

I could use an answer to this as well... deleted fixtures still show up when I do an auto update... is there no way to delete them?


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