Visualiser 7.4 not showing light output

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Visualiser 7.4 not showing light output

Postby GmanRopley » 08 Mar 2019, 19:56

Hi team,
I would appreciate some help on Visualiser 7.4 as I at last seem to have good connection but no visualised light output.
I’m new to Avo which I admit is not ideal but I need to get ups to speed on plotting before I get to a rig (but have done battle with Capture Polar visualiser & LightFactory before).
I've read the whole Forum, support guides and manuals to avoid being a total pain for you all but here’s what's happening:

1. Avolites Pearl Tiger 2008 v1.1
2. User Settings 14 = Visualiser, 15 = MIDI Ch0
3. Tiger switched to ‘Program’ mode
4. Personality files: R20 (selective reduced list)
5. Handles 1-10 = RGB Pulse Parcans (Library file: UKPLSLD3.R20 = Misc P Pulse LED PAR 3 DMX) on DMX001 to DMX028
6. DMX A outputting a simple chase to Handles 1-10 - checked on a visual mini-rig (so I know the desk is actually working)

Avo Visualiser 7.4:
7. PC: Lenovo Yoga 500 64bit 3825U @ 1.9GHz, 4GB, Win10 Home (Win7 Home and Win8 checked too)
8. FAQ10017 MIDI to RS232 adaptor cable (or plugging direct into the Simulator DB9 port on the Tiger)
9. FTDI USB-RS232 adaptor on COM1 @ 38400 (8/No parity/1/No flow)
10. Visualiser Serial Port setting: COM1 @ 38400
11. Visualiser personality files: R20 (selective reduced list)
12. Visualiser configured with 10 x RGB Pulse parcans (Library file: UKPLSLD3.R20 Misc P Pulse LED PAR 3 DMX) DMX001 to DMX028
13. Visualiser DMX (f5) = RS232

A. “Port opened successfully” In the Advanced/Serial Comm tab
B. Status line states: 0ms, 9/s,
C. Status line: “Serial Comm started OK” then “Serial XXXX packets” (where XXXX increments in blocks of 20 packets every 2 secs)
D. But I’ve seen more life in a tramps vest than on the 3D Vis panels.
E. Tiger DMX A output does light up a test panel with the chase sequence I have programmed so there is something wrong with the Vis or Personalities…

Any ideas? The Vis sees some sort of data from the Tiger but nothing that changes any light outputs.



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