Some lights not working or moving

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Dustin Moss
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Some lights not working or moving

Postby Dustin Moss » 16 Feb 2019, 20:15

I am having a really weird problem with the visualiser. It is working with some sets of lights and not with others. Like when I select my Led lights, some are generic profile and some are not. I can locate them but can not move or orientate them at all. Then when I have the name brand profile for my movers. They are the Nicols Birdy 500 profile. They do not locate or move position or orientation. When I patch the High End Cyberlight. I can move them about in the visualiser both orientation and movement. I can not get them to locate though. I am getting very frustrated with this visualiser. I am thinking that this built in one is just a pain in the ass and should just get capture. Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know.
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Re: Some lights not working or moving

Postby icke_siegen » 17 Feb 2019, 02:48


sorry for the inconvenience - but the background is that there are different personalities invovlved. Unfortunately no fixture manufacturers care themselfes for sending information and making sure they are included in the various libraries. This is hardly Avolites' or Capture's fault.

From what I see (Nic - the guy who tirelessly cares for the Avolites library - will probably answer with some more insights), this is a combination of various issues with these very personalities:
  • the Nicols Birdy 500 profile does not exists in the Capture library. I guess Nic might suggest to AtlaBase to add them (if sufficient Info is available). You see if a fixture is available in Capture by the capture symbol when patching. Please know that in this case it is also not available in the full Capture version
  • the Highend Cyberlight in the standard version simply needs to be linked to the capture files. I enter a request for this on the personality website
  • the Cyberlight 2.0 seems to have a weird issue with colour mixing (something is inverted). I'll have a look and will give Nic a hint. Additionally, by default the fixtures appear in 0.5 m spacing when patched on adjacent buttons - which leads to each fixture hiding the nexr - simply space them apart, or Y-rotate them (as you would do in reality)

In general personality requests are best directed on the website
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Re: Some lights not working or moving

Postby niclights » 17 Feb 2019, 10:40

I'm sorry to hear you have had a bad experience. It seems that you have been quite unlucky with a combination of issues.

Sebastian has already answered this but just to confirm:

- The library used in the integrated Capture Visualiser is the same as the one used in the stand-alone Capture. Essentially the only difference is the user interface.

- One of the key differences in regards to the user interface is that we currently rely on an automated patch (ie. when you patch a fixture in Titan it automatically patches in the integrated Capture Visualiser where possible). This is useful as it means you don't need to worry about finding the correct fixture and setting the correct mode/address separately as you would with the stand-alone version. However, in order for this to work there needs to be a unique reference in the Titan personality file that points to the relevant Capture simulation. For new personalities we always try to add associated Capture files and references at the point of creation (where supported). For personalities that were created prior to the Capture integration an automated routine tried to match as many as possible using the manufacturer and model names. But where these did not match the criteria used or where there were no existing Capture files we subsequently rely on user requests or generally having a reason to revisit a personality (for example a bug report). As Sebastian says there is currently no Capture simulation available for the Nicols Birdy 500 LED. I have managed to find sufficient information to create something and so I will arrange for this to be added on your behalf. I can see Sebastian has also submitted a request for you but if you do this yourself then you will receive a notification when it is available. You can find the request form here. Please select 'Capture Visualiser (.c2o)' from the Desk Type options.

- Regarding the High End Cyberlight it looks like the reason this doesn't have any Capture references is because Capture have three versions representing the 'SV', 'CL' and 'CX' models. We frequently encounter this now where, in the past, we only had one personality to cover all modes as the control side is identical, but of course they are different fixtures when it comes to simulation. In order to solve this properly I will need to replace the existing personality with three new ones (or at least rename the existing and add two new ones). Again, Sebastian has already submitted a request for this on your behalf but if you submit your own then you will receive a notification email.

- Regarding the High End Cyberlight 2.0 as Sebastian has suggested the CMY channels probably need inverting in Capture. For some reason High End insist on running CMY channels as 0= fully inserted -> 255 = open which is the opposite of pretty much all other manufacturers. To complicate this (and almost certainly why there is a disparity between Titan and Capture), as far as I can see, High End have not detailed this in any way in their documentation so Capture have, quite reasonably, assumed it would be implemented in the usual 0 = open -> 255 = fully inserted. If you are using Cyberlight 2.0 fixtures it would be helpful if you can confirm that the Titan personality controls the CMY correctly in the real-world fixtures. I can then confidently arrange for this to be updated in the Capture simulation. Please understand that the Capture simulations will only be as accurate as the information available. Sadly the vast majority of manufacturers don't document fixtures to the level of detail required.

- Overlapping scanners in default positions is unfortunate. Hopefully this can be improved in the future.

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