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Capture Visualiser Errors

Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 17:27
by ItsLit86
I am new to the avo community and have been posting as I work my way through some of the backend in regard to the titan software.

My next quest is getting the capture visualizer to work properly. My issue is that when I load a showfile I tour with, the visualizer is completely blank. I was instructed to do the following below.

Please try the following:

- Download and install the latest personality library
- Start a new show
- Open the Capture Visualiser window
- Patch 1x Dimmer
- Select the dimmer and press the locate button

Does the dimmer light in the Capture Visualiser window?

If not then it sounds like there is an installation or hardware problem.

After downloading the personality files, and checking every fixture for compatibility, I found a couple things that confuse me. 1. All of my fixtures are compatible with the software and visualizer, I checked every single one in the list. 2. when start a new show and patch a dimmer the visualizer goes to a black background instead of blank, and you can see fixtures within the viz box but when I locate the dimmer no light comes out of the fixture.

If this is an installation or hardware problem can some give me more specific examples of what the issue could be? Is this a corrupted install, a computer that cannot handle this process, a showfile that is not compatible with the most recent version? i have no clue at this point.

Re: Capture Visualiser Errors

Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 17:47
by niclights
Just to check, after you patch the dimmer have you exited back to the root menu (so that [Edit Times] is on softkey A) before select/locate? This was not explicitly included in the steps.

This may seem like a silly question but forgetting to exit out of the patch menu before selecting fixtures has caught me out many times before!

Assuming you have, does the fixture highlight in the Capture Visualiser window when you select the dimmer handle (with the default settings as per new show it should go from a black silhouette on a grey background (the back wall) to a light coloured wireframe outline)?

Re: Capture Visualiser Errors

Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 18:55
by ItsLit86
I had not excited out of the patch and when I did I got light in the visualizer.

So moving forward what would be the issue with my showfile not working with the capture visualizer? Is there an easy way to take a patch list from my showfile and start a new show with it fresh?

Re: Capture Visualiser Errors

Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 19:04
by niclights
I'm pleased to hear it's working.

Please try following the instructions I provided at the end of my reply to your original thread regarding updating personalities. If that doesn't work I suggest continuing the discussion in the original thread rather than here to avoid any confusion.