Fixtures Still In Visualiser After Deleting

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Fixtures Still In Visualiser After Deleting

Postby simes831 » 25 Oct 2018, 23:26

Hope someone can help!
Have set up a theatre patched, moved and placed a lot of fixtures, for info console is an upgraded TT1 running V11.
Had patched some LED cans, moved them into position in the visualiser but then decided to change fixture so deleted them and patched some LED Battens using the same addresses.
Moved the new patched battens into position all worked ok, saved the show to internal drive and external USB then shut down.
Powered up the next day and the pars were still in the visualiser and no battens, battens are patched but cans aren't as i deleted them, when I controlled the battens some of the cans are highlighted in the visualiser and light up.
Reloaded the show from both internal and external saved shows but still the same.
I tried the trick of patching something else, (dummy fixture) and half the battens appeared and are controlled ok but the cans are still in the visualiser and some of the cans still highlight and light up.
It looks like the visualiser is holding onto them and when i control the battens its using some of the channels they had previously.

I have checked my capture show settings and auto update is on.
I don't want to wipe the theatre and have to start moving everything back to where it was as it has already taken me ages to build!

Any help to solve this would be appreciated as i'm trying to pre programme a show over the next couple of days for a show starting in three days


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