Create palettes from capture

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Create palettes from capture

Postby Manu » 19 Sep 2018, 11:34


I'm trying to record palets ans cues ( or juste record a legend ) from capture .

I have a good link between capture and my arena, but when I use the recording option in capture, nothing happen on the console.



Do you know how to do that ?
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Re: Create palettes from capture

Postby Gregory » 25 Sep 2018, 14:22

As there are multiple parts to the protocol which forms the Capture link it is possible for one part such as the fixture selection to be working when another such as the palette recording is not. You can try disabling and re-enabling the console link within Capture to force it to re-establish connections. Which version of Capture and Titan are you using? My understanding is that the link between Capture and Titan was improved in Titan v11.0 and Capture 2018 so that it is more robust.

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