VDO Sceptron - Basic Mode in Capture Viz

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VDO Sceptron - Basic Mode in Capture Viz

Postby c-j-y » 03 Mar 2018, 14:55


I've got 26 Sceptrons patched in basic mode, but theyre not showing in the built in Capture Vis. I've tried exchanging the fixtures for themselves, and patching in different modes, but they're still not showing up.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: VDO Sceptron - Basic Mode in Capture Viz

Postby niclights » 03 Mar 2018, 16:02


These currently don't have Capture support but if you submit a request via the form on the website here and select 'Capture Visualiser (.c2o)' from the Desk Type options I will add it for you. Note that in order to facilitate Capture support for this fixture it will be necessary to split this into six separate fixtures representing the two lengths in 10, 20 and 40 models, so if you have already programmed there will be some exchanging involved.

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