Avolites Arena with external Capture

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Avolites Arena with external Capture

Postby debaggerboot » 02 Dec 2017, 23:54

Hi There,

I'm trying hard to get a connection from my Avo Arena to an external computer running a presentation file of capture nexum.

If i run it all on the same computer using the titan simulator and the presentation file everything works fine..

But when i set the same settings using a realtime avolites arena with a different computer running the capture presentation file nothing works..
It does recognize dmx though, when i set the dmx output at Sacn everything in de capture file goes black.. But i can't get it on anymore..

Hope someone here knows the answer..

Kind Regards,

Jeroen van der Linden
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Re: Avolites Arena with external Capture

Postby Gregory » 08 Dec 2017, 21:52

Please double check that the IP addresses of the console and the external computer have been set to the same range and the subnet masks of both are the same. For example use the 10.*.*.* option in the Network Settings of the console and set the computer to an IP address of and subnet mask of On the Arena it is normally better to use the primary connection that goes through the switch inside the back of the console.

Since with sACN the presentation file goes black this suggests that a connection has been made (sACN is more resilient to IP/subnet mismatches). Please double check that the universes that you are sending from the console correspond to the universes patched in the presentation file. In case there are any masters in effect, please press the Release button on the console followed by Release All Masters from the softkeys.

From version 10.0 onwards the Titan software includes Capture visualiser as a workspace window, this is integrated with the Titan software and optimised to maintain the performance and stability of the console. You can import a Capture project into Titan, for v10.0 this should be in Argo format and v10.1 this should be in Atlas format.

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