Creating structures

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Creating structures

Postby franswa » 07 May 2006, 19:32

I am new to Visualiser and am learning it. So far so good. How do I create a specific shaped truss? As in a 20' cricle? Also, the dimensions in the boxes. What standard are they? Metric Mils? Cents? Inches?
Any help will be appreciated.
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Postby iadwm » 09 May 2006, 19:53


Firstly, don't expect to be able to create fancy looking stages as found in Capture, MSD and WYSIWYG - you wont!

You set your default units by loading the appropriate theatre. If you want to work in meters and millimetres then load the "blankmm.ttr" file, for feet and inches load "blankinches.ttr"

Making your own structures is quite simple in concept - just break it down into basic components, then manipulate them in three dimensions. It's just putting it into practice that is the tricky (and time consuming) part. Say you wanted to make a 1m three tube truss. Making the three 1m pipes is easy enough as is getting them into the toblerone shape. Now you have to make and position all the individual chords - no thanks!

You already have a few truss structures - they in are in the OBJECTS file, to load these you have to use IMPORT REPORT. This becomes available in the FILE menu, when Vis is in DESIGN mode. More information on using these files is here... ... sercsv.stm



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Roger dodger

Postby franswa » 10 May 2006, 13:16

Thanks Andy. With a little investigation, I actually figured it out just after I posted the question. Your reply did clarify a big issue though and I thank you a plenty! You are right too, it's a very basic program, but it will accomplish what I need. :D :D :D :D

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