Titan mobile with capture on a different computer

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Titan mobile with capture on a different computer

Postby Bellz » 02 Feb 2017, 18:53


Is it possible to connect avolites to capture on a different machine. Im running my titan mobile on dell laptop connected to a wireless router and i want to network it to capture polar on my MacBook. I want to visualize what im doing live on capture.
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Re: Titan mobile with capture on a different computer

Postby niclights » 02 Feb 2017, 19:44

Yes. All you need to do is make sure both machines have IP's in the same subnet and then assign sACN or Art-Net universes in DMX Settings.
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Re: Titan mobile with capture on a different computer

Postby jgavo » 12 May 2017, 14:35

Just been doing exactly this and noted some behaviour with artnet that I don't understand. Would appreciate any insight.

As background I've just upgraded from Titan mobile v9.1 directly to v10.1 and previously this all worked fine with art-net.

1. If I connect to Capture Atlas v22.1.10 on the second machine using sACN it all works fine.

2. However if connect using Artnet then:
I can see the external capture nodes within the console.
I can see the artnet universes within capture and I can assign them to the project universes.
I can view the fixture patch from the console within capture. (This didn't used to work with v9.1).
However I can't get the fixtures to respond to the console at all.

What I can see happening is that if I select a fixture within capture I can see on the console that the dmx levels are held and now don't respond to the console unless I clear all programmers.

Any ideas ? I'm fine to use sACN but I'd like to understand what's happening with the interaction between the external Capture instance and the console with art-net and how this has changed between v9.1 and 10.1

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Re: Titan mobile with capture on a different computer

Postby Gregory » 12 May 2017, 14:46

This may be related to the Project console link between Capture and Titan. With this enabled you will get patch information from Titan to Capture, which you have mentioned, and it is also possible to record palettes within Capture that will appear on the console. From the point of view of Titan, Capture acts as an additional console surface with its own programmer so when you click on a point within Capture to make all the fixtures point there it will be added to Capture's programmer. There should be a record icon in the corner of the views which will allow you to record palettes and there should also be an option to clear its programmer. If you do not require these features you can set the Project console link to (Disabled).
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Re: Titan mobile with capture on a different computer

Postby jgavo » 12 May 2017, 18:49

Thanks Gregory - yes it was related to the console link.

I had to have a few goes at breaking the link - not sure every step was essential but roughly what I did was
- Cleared the connection with the external universe in capture.
- Stopped art-net on the desk for the network adapter connected to capture.
- Restarted capture and disabled console link for that project.
- Reenabled art-net on the relevant network interface on the console.
- Then re-connected the external universes in capture and...it all worked.

A second thing just in case anyone else wanders by this thread.
I had a lot of jitter in the capture rendering on the second computer using sACN, so shapes etc weren't rendering at all smoothly. On the same machine with same network switch in place using artnet it is rock solid. I wonder if the default for how sacn and artnet are transmitted (e.g. uni/multi/udp/tcp etc) is different.

Anyway, thanks again for the support.

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