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FYI - Comma Separated Value

Postby iadwm » 22 Mar 2006, 02:38

If you have any interesting or unusual truss / set elements, that you don't mind sharing, email the .csv file (but ONLY the set element and not your whole theatre and patch) to Olie or Ed, for inclusion in the new 'objects' folder that is now part of Vis 7.10 .

There is a "How To ...." guide on .csv import / export here.... ... sercsv.stm

While building some 4,6 and 8 lamp bars to send to Avo - I came across a little quirk that needs to be made known...

Vis does not allow you to import fixtures that are patched to EXISTING DMX addresses. Sounds fair enough, but not immediately obvious.

I had saved my 4,6 and 8 lamp bars as individual .csv files. When I loaded them back into theatres to test, the initial import was ok, but any subsequent imports, resulted in the loss (as in - they disappeared!) of fixtures.

Ed quickly deduced that because the .csv file contained DMX patch info, Vis was trying to patch to already used data.
Do not confuse this with having more than one fixture set to the same address. This is only relevant to importing a .csv file.

The work-around (which you need to know if you are going to send object files containing fixtures) is easy.....before exporting the file, un-tick the DMX box in the top right corner of the Fixture Properties box. This excludes the DMX info from the .csv file.

With my IWB's , all I have to do to use them, is import as many as I want and then 'tick' the DMX box for each generic and set the DMX channel. Using the AUTO option makes it even quicker.

Easy Eh?


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