Personality and Shape Files

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Personality and Shape Files

Postby pottsworth » 20 Feb 2006, 16:39

Right, a few questions so bear with me:

I have been using the personality database that comes with the visuliser for the pearl sim, but can't find any shape generator files.
I tried looking in the fixture library, but still couldn't find what I needed, where shoudl I download / find the shape files?

Secondly, is there a way / whats the best way of getting a bar of par cans on the simulator.

And lastly, I tried to download the r20, and visuliser file for an atomic 3000 strobe, but it said visuliser file was not found (on website), do you know where else I could get it?

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Postby Ed » 20 Feb 2006, 17:42

You Can get the shape file by downloading any of the Pearl/Azure/Sapphire disks 1 to 10. The file is on each of these disks and is names SG.DAT.

The visualiser file for the Martin Atomic 3000 strobe is there; to get it you will need to click on the disk icon which is in the column alongside the number of DMX channels. (Alternatively you could go to the personality library and then click on "download" and then "Visualiser extensions")

This will download an application that will update all of your visualiser personalities with the lastest ones. It will also install any new visualiser files that you may not have.
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Re: Personality and Shape Files

Postby iadwm » 20 Feb 2006, 18:21

pottsworth wrote:Secondly, is there a way / whats the best way of getting a bar of par cans on the simulator.


Just use the 'generic' fixture (in Moving Head ), add as many as you want on your bar, address them accordingly, add a length of pipe (ie. narrow, long truss!), then rubber band the whole thing and select <Align/Lights/To Truss/Evenly>. Once you have built the bar, you can then rubber band and <Group> to move the whole thing in one go.

Don't forget also, that you can keep the whole fixture as a .csv file object to import into other theatres. I will be posting further information on this topic shortly.

Hope this helps.


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