Problem with using Visualiser in Run mode and Solid Renderin

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Problem with using Visualiser in Run mode and Solid Renderin

Postby nicknack » 04 Feb 2006, 15:47


I have been using the Visauliser for quite a while now for pre-plotting various shows, however the time has come where I need to show a client what their lighting show is going to look like.

The porblem is as follows.

01. Build my theatre and add my fixtrues (both intelligent and generic)
02. Press F2 to go into run Mode
03. Predd F3 to put the display into solid state rather than wire state.

As soon as I press F3, the view screen goes blank and I cannot see any of the fixtures, truss or risers. Tis a bit of a pain as you can imagine.

Am I missing something or not doing something? Please Please Help!

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Postby iadwm » 05 Feb 2006, 11:29

Hi Nick,

I have the same problem and have done since updating to V7.0
(on XP SP2)

But having said that, I don't think full rendering was ever fully implemented. And I seem to remember that on the Vis 6.11, it didn't work very well (because it wasn't fully implemented - possibly!).

Perhaps Avo Software could clarify if it should be working or not?

I know this doesn't solve your problem, but at least you know it's not you.


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Postby Phil » 05 Feb 2006, 20:45

Unless someone has updated Vis since last September (7.00), it doesn't render properly in solid mode, only wireframe.
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Postby jifop » 13 Sep 2006, 16:32

is this something that is being implemented anytime soon?

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