Visualiser any good??

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Visualiser any good??

Postby 24seven » 25 Jun 2005, 00:09

I am thinking about buying Visualiser to i hope save some time and try out a few ideas with out a lighting rig infront of me

does any one have some views on it is it good ???

one big question i do have is does it provide you with an animation of where the lights are going .

Sorry if these are really silly questions but i have never seen it running and missed the Avo stand at PLASA this year and there doesnt appear to be much on the website about it .

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Postby niclights » 25 Jun 2005, 00:16

Why don't you download it and have a look? You can check it out with the DemoTheatre for free.

It is certainly not WYSIWYG, but then it does not cost $$$$$$. It is not like that is without serious issues either, especially the awful CAD interface.

Anyway, yes it provides animation of fixture movement.
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Postby iadwm » 30 Jul 2005, 00:58

IMHO, it's a worth wild and usable tool - so long as you don't need photo-realistic output.

So have you tried it yet Mark?


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