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Visualiser Personality Files

Postby Gregory » 10 Nov 2012, 22:14

The latest Visualiser personalities can be download from the Personality Website. It is also possible to search using the box on the left hand side to check if a personality has been created for your fixture.
If a personality does not exist you can request it using the request form. When entering a request, please include as much information as possible to allow the personality to be created without delay.
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Capture Visualiser files

Postby niclights » 28 Jul 2016, 22:50

Following the integration of the Capture Visualiser in Titan v10.0 please read the following important information regarding Capture Visualiser personalities:

At present there is no way for Avolites customers to create or edit Capture Visualiser personalities. Capture Visualiser personalities can only be created or modified by Avolites to accompany Titan personalities in the Avolites Fixture Personality Library.

Where a Titan personality has an equivalent Capture Visualiser personality associated to a particular mode it will automatically appear in the Capture Visualiser workspace when patched in Titan v10.0 or later when Auto Update is turned on in Capture Visualiser Settings/Show (default).

If you require a Capture Visualiser personality for an existing Titan personality that does not automatically appear with Auto Update turned on please submit a request via the form here by selecting 'Capture Visualiser (.c2o)' in the 'Desk Type' drop down options. To avoid delays please ensure the fixture name submitted matches the existing Titan personality in the library so that there is no doubt which fixture the file is to be linked to.

If you require a new Titan personality as well as a matching Capture Visualiser personality please submit two separate requests - one for the Titan (.d4) personality and one for the Capture Visualiser (.c2o) personality.

Please note that it is not possible to create Capture Visualiser personality files directly from Titan personalities or their associated information in the Avolites Fixture Personality Library. Due to their complexity and in order to produce high quality Capture Visualiser personalities it is very important to provide comprehensive documentation (or direct links to) that includes information such as photometric data (ie. beam angles, zoom ranges, power/lumens), physical dimensions/drawings, pan/tilt ranges, gobo images and cell layouts (where applicable) as well as full DMX mapping details. When attaching documents only one .pdf or .zip file is permitted per request. The maximum file attachment size for Capture Visualiser personality requests is 2MB.

Currently there is no way to view or search for the .c2o Capture Visualiser personality files in the Avolites Fixture Personality Library and there is no mechanism to download or install individual Titan or Capture Visualiser personality files.

Assuming your request has been successful you will receive a notification by email when the Capture Visualiser personality has been added to the Titan Fixture Library installer. You will then need to download and install this library. If you are using a console copy the downloaded file to the root of a Usb stick, place in the console, open the Tools menu from the shell and select Control Panel. 'Titan Fixture Library' should then appear as one of the options. Select this and follow the prompts to install the library. When it has finished restart the software from the Tools menu. If you are using TitanOne or Titan Mobile double-click on the TitanFixtureLIbrary.exe file to start the installer and follow the prompts. When it has finished you will need to close and relaunch Titan if it is currently running.

Any new Capture Visualiser personalities should now automatically appear in Capture Visualiser workspace when patched in a new show. For personalities already patched in a show you will need to update the personality via the Patch\[Edit Fixtures]\[Update Personality] function. To be safe I recommend saving a backup of the show before using the update personality function.

Note that not all fixtures or functions can be simulated and the quality of the simulation will be entirely dependent on the accuracy of the information available.

If you think there is a problem with an existing Capture Visualiser personality please submit a new Capture Visualiser (.c2o) request explaining this and including as much information as possible. To avoid delays it will usually help to attach a .pdf or .zip document (or provide links to) containing any relevant details.

The personality library is updated daily. Before submitting any requests or bug reports please ensure you have the latest library installed following the instructions above and that any fixtures in existing showfiles have been updated to the latest version by using the Patch\[Edit Fixtures]\[Update Personality] function. If you are in any doubt make sure you save your show before using the update function and/or try patching from a new show.

A note about Generic personalities:

Capture fixtures can be a number of different types with varying size, power, colour temperature and beam angle or zoom range. Therefore as a general rule 'Generic' personalities are usually not suitable for simulation.

Generic personalities currently available with Capture simulation are as follows:


    2-Light (variable colour)
    4-Light (variable colour)
    4-Light (in-line) (variable colour)
    8-Light (various modes to account for the different combinations of cell/patch arrangements. variable colour)
    Generic Fixture (standard dimmer fixture with variable beam angle and colour)
    Par 16 (variable colour)
    Par 20 (variable colour)
    Par 30 (variable colour)
    Par 36 (variable colour)
    Par 36 Short (variable colour)
    Par 38 (variable colour)
    Par 46 (variable colour)
    Par 56 (variable colour)
    Par 56 Short (variable colour)
    Par 64 (variable colour)
    Par 64 Short (variable colour)
LED Pars:

    Par 16 LED
    Par 20 LED
    Par 30 LED
    Par 36 LED
    Par 36 Short LED
    Par 38 LED
    Par 46 LED
    Par 56 LED
    Par 56 Short LED
    Par 64 LED
    Par 64 Short LED

    Each type has RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA and RGBAW mode options in 8 and 16bit versions all with virtual dimmer. The 16bit modes assume the MSB (coarse) and LSB (fine) for each component are adjactent and in that order (for example 'RGB 16bit, 6 DMX' = 1-Red MSB, 2-Red LSB, 3-Green MSB, 4-Green LSB, 5-Blue MSB, 6-Blue LSB). Additionally there are 8bit options with dimmer and dimmer+shutter. The latter are appended to the colour components and are denoted in the mode name as 'I' (for dimmer) and 'Strobe' (shutter) (for example 'RGB+I+Strobe' = 1-Red, 2-Green, 3-Blue, 4-Dimmer, 5-Shutter)
LED battens:

    2-Cell LED Batten
    3-Cell LED Batten
    4-Cell LED Batten
    5-Cell LED Batten
    6-Cell LED Batten
    7-Cell LED Batten
    8-Cell LED Batten
    9-Cell LED Batten
    10-Cell LED Batten
    11-Cell LED Batten
    12-Cell LED Batten

    Each type has RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA and RGBAW mode options in 8 and 16bit versions all with virtual dimmer. All modes assume the colour components follow a standard order (for example Generic 2-Cell LED Batten, '2x RGB 8bit, 6 DMX' = 1-Cell 1 Red, 2-Cell 1 Green, 3-Cell 1 Blue, 4-Cell 2 Red, 5-Cell 2 Green, 6-Cell 2 Blue). Additionally, the 16bit modes assume the MSB (coarse) and LSB (fine) for each component are adjactent and in that order (for example Generic 2-Cell LED Batten, '2x RGB 16bit, 12 DMX' = 1-Cell 1 Red MSB, 2-Cell 1 Red LSB, 3-Cell 1 Green MSB, 4-Cell 1 Green LSB, 5-Cell 1 Blue MSB, 6-Cell 1 Blue LSB, 7-Cell 2 Red MSB, 8-Cell 2 Red LSB, 9-Cell 2 Green MSB, 10-Cell 2 Green LSB, 11-Cell 2 Blue MSB, 12-Cell 2 Blue LSB)

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