i have a dongle do I need a rs232 cable as well?

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i have a dongle do I need a rs232 cable as well?

Postby johnsincred » 28 Dec 2004, 02:29

I am trying to run the pearl sim and the vis. sim on my laptop at the sametime. how do i make this work?
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Postby niclights » 28 Dec 2004, 23:03

Just dongle. If it says it can't find the dongle search this forum for answers.

I have only checked out 2004 sim briefly, but can confirm it works fine with dongle+vis and Patch Invert now works. Woohoo!!

Bad news is it was Vis giving me 100% cpu and not the sim :cry: does anyone else get this?
Thumper Audio + Lighting
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Postby Thumper Audio + Lighting » 29 Dec 2004, 19:53

I have ran the 2000 pear sim and vis with no problems just need the dongle. Make sure the setting in the pearl sim under user settings is to visulasier and in viv just select the simulator under the run page.

I can't say anything about the 2004 sim as I keep getting a "sort it out" error right now.

as to the free option I usually sit around the 80% mark.


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