USB to Serial Addaptor

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Steve Nield
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USB to Serial Addaptor

Postby Steve Nield » 17 Aug 2004, 16:21

Can anyone recomend a few brands of USB to Serial addaptors that will work when conecting a Pearl 2000 to a PC which has no Serial port.

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Postby Low_ID » 17 Aug 2004, 23:20

Mine is an FTDI usb to serial interface (, working pretty good.
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Postby Olie » 18 Aug 2004, 10:08

We have experienced great problems in finding a Serial to USB adaptor that will work with Visualiser.

The problem is that most adaptors buffer the data and only send the data once the buffer is full. With Visualiaser it is not continuously sending data and has to wait for a response from the desk. As the buffer does not fill up that data is never sent to Visualiser.

The Serial to USB adaptor we have found to work most sucessfully is the LINDY USB to Serial DB9 RS-232 Converter.
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Postby alwyn » 06 Sep 2004, 12:53

Hi Steve

You can now purchase a USB to 9 Way Serial Converter Cable from the Avolites Online Shop.

Click on the link below for more details
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Postby jlightguy » 01 May 2007, 16:30

I used this discussion as reference when I was looking to adapt my laptop to run with the visualizer, so I will leave this info for anyone looking in the future...

I ended up purchasing a BELKIN USB-to-Serial Portable Adapter at the local Staples store ($29.99 USA). At first try my Pearl 2008 would not communicate, but I realized that I needed to go into the device manager settings for the serial adapter and change the COM port # to 1. It defaulted to COM4 upon installation. Once I did this things worked quite well. Also, the adapter is quite small, actually a small dongle with a USB cord coming out of one end. Lots of pretty indicater lights, too! WE LOVE OUR RBL's & GBL's!

Hope this helps someone in the future with the same issues I had...

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