Yearning for any update for the Sapphire

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Yearning for any update for the Sapphire

Postby Sting » 01 Jul 2004, 01:07

What sense about that a 13.000 Pounds control desk doesn't have any software upgrade since four years (sep. 2000) ?

What happens if you use a Build8 Pearl's show in a Sapphire ? Is it certified that it will not crash with any incompatible operation?

Does this situation means that the Sapphire is a desk destinated to die as it is?

... worrying for anybody thinking in to buy a Sapphire ...
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Postby Evolution_Mark » 01 Jul 2004, 14:05

Surely the saphire is next in line for a major re-vision in hardware also!?(a la pearl 2k4)
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Postby AvolitesSoftwareTeam » 02 Jul 2004, 14:21

Over the last three years we have carried out various fixes and added some new features to the Sapphire software. We plan to make a formal release of this software in the near future but not before it is thoroughly tested and not before the documentation has been updated.

If you wish to try out this software at your own risk then please email "Shahid at avolites dot com" and I will send you a copy.

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