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Mid show serveral, most cues intensity values gone v.15

Posted: 14 Aug 2021, 10:26
by LaBombe
So I had my first v15 show with timeline.
Pprogrammed with winamp.
For Live i just unlinked the timelines.
Had 12 Songs.
After song 7 intrnsity cues onbthe playback page were not working.
On the static , mobile wing, i could use 2 out of 20.
Released everything, located everything. it stayed until the end of show.
But if i would select the fixtures , intensity values were at 0% and i could bring the up with the wheel even tough cues were running, i could see it innthe gui.
Couldn't really upen up dmx workspace as i needed the 1 screen i had get smthing out.
Back home, everything works like a charm.
Already opend up a ticket, just was curious if anybody had similat experience?
Using a TitanMobile, v.15, surface pro 4 i7 , aktive Usb 3 Hub.
Somehow i think its the surface, but is wired that some stuff worked, so yeah....