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Postby EandresTCMA » 05 May 2021, 19:50

Hello every one,
Since December of last year I have been dealing with a buggy upgrade of version 14 of avolites titan Mobile software. I did get someone from Avolites to call me, but at best, their solution was to either downgrade, or to simply re-record my color palettes since at that time the main problem was that I could not use some custom color palettes recordered. But at the same time, from time to time, I found that the COPY key/command would lag or not execute as expected.
Now its May 5th of 2021, and although I have worked around the grayed out color palettes, I find myself days before a very time restricted event, and the copy command is really acting up ! I can't copy! I can't copy a cue list from one fader to another, I can't copy a cue list from one cue list to another... and if it did copy the cues from one cue list to another blank one, it triplecates or quadruplicates them as it pleases.
Example. Copy + select Cue List on Fader 8 , where to copy? Select Fader 5... result = Unable to copy Playback + Ok. Example 2. Copy + select a range of cues from Cue List on Fader 8 - 1 thru 50, where to copy? Select Fader 5... result = An entry with the same key already exist + Ok.
If I shot down Avolites Titan, and restart it again, and go to Fader 5, i find that it dumped cues 1-50 out of order and almost triplicated them, so now I have a cue list of 135 out of sequence cues!

Guys, how can I wipe and remove/reload Titan Mobile V.14 or 15, AND, if I do this, would I have to re-patch everything from scratch, or can I upload a saved show file to use the saved DMX settings/palettes attributes and most importantly, load the saved Cue Lists for the upcoming event ?????

All your help and insights are greatly appreciated and welcomed!
Thank you in advance!


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