Timeline - Timecode Source Unlinked Macro Syntax

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Timeline - Timecode Source Unlinked Macro Syntax

Postby joethomasld » 26 Mar 2021, 19:15


This isn't a bug, just asking some advice while I have the time to build some shows into a V15 showfile.

Currently I have setup an XML macro that enables me to toggle Timecode Connected on a cue list/playback. The synatax that enables me todo this for the cue list is
Playbacks.Timecode.ToggleEnabled.Handle(Handle handle)

I noticed on the Timeline the same kind of thing exists called Timecode Source unlinked. Was wondering if the syntax existed yet or if it will? So I can toggle the Timecode source on and off for a timeline.

Maybe a bit of a unique use case or there might be a different approach?

Thanks in advance,


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