Titan Mobile Licensing

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Titan Mobile Licensing

Postby oddssodds » 17 Sep 2020, 17:41

I have a Titan Mobile, running on v11.

If I want to upgrade further, I need a dongle key.

Is that key the only cost of upgrading? There isn't any cost to the software I see. Do you have to upgrade to 12 and then 13, or can you go directly from 11 to 13?

Also, wondering if the titan visualizer is stand alone software, or does it integrate with the console? I haven't used it before.
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Re: Titan Mobile Licensing

Postby phb » 17 Sep 2020, 18:29

On PC Suite you do not need to install v12, you can simply uninstall v11 and install v13. There is no other cost to upgrading beyond the purchase of an AvoKey.

Capture Visualiser is built into the Titan software. You can use it for visualising a capture file you have programmed in the full version of Capture (not included), or you can use it to set up a basic visualisation & make simple tweaks/modifications from within the software.
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