Tiger Touch Fixture Library

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Tiger Touch Fixture Library

Postby mesoglu » 10 Aug 2020, 07:47

hi, tiger touh I need D4 Fixture bench download from site. I'm getting an error
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Re: Tiger Touch Fixture Library

Postby niclights » 10 Aug 2020, 09:18

Instructions and links to installers for all console types can be found on the download page of the personality website here.


Titan version 1.0-9.1

Titan version 10.0-11.4

Titan version 12.0-13.0

Titan version 14.0 (Titan v14.0 is currently in open beta)

The only difference between these is the Capture fixture library.

Once you have downloaded the relevant installer for your version of Titan, copy the file to the root directory of a Usb stick, place the stick in the console and go to Tools > Control Panel > Titan Installers -> TitanFixtureLibrary to launch the installer. Follow the prompts complete the installation and when it is finished restart the software from the Tools menu.

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