T2 as audio input when using titan mobile

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T2 as audio input when using titan mobile

Postby watty » 03 Dec 2019, 19:55

I am unable to find much in the way of information regarding T2 input signals. The manual has little to say about it and after a search of the internet I have come up with nothing apart from the few mentions of the T1/T2 in the V12 manual which are not particularly informative.

In particular, I am trying to find out what audio input level range the T2 accepts. It appears to be a balanced input with the ground isolated but there is no mention of what level range it accepts. For instance is it normal balanced line level and if so, how little signal can it work correctly with and what is the maximum level? I think a bit of explanation somewhere about the T2 input etc. would not go amiss.

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