Assign fader to Attribute or DMX channel

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Assign fader to Attribute or DMX channel

Postby Burathar » 20 Nov 2019, 21:57

Hello there,

I'm new to this forum, so excuse me if I make wrong assumptions.
I'm programming a show on a Titan Mobile, and have some problems getting some BSL Impact 6 Led EYE fixtures to work.
The underlying problem is that I made some dimmer pulse shapes, and I want to be able to control the (max) intensity of these shapes. (I saved them as playbacks).
The BSL fixture has a master dimmer channel on the second intensity 'page', which I wanted to use to control the max intensity as described above. However, I don't get this to work in the same way I'd assign a fader to the intensity of a regular fixture.

tldr: How do I assign a fader to a specific fixture attribute/channel?
I think I could also get this to work if I'd be able to directly assign a fader to one or more dmx channels, but I can't find anything about that either.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Assign fader to Attribute or DMX channel

Postby niclights » 21 Nov 2019, 11:47

By default playbacks are set to [Shape Size HTP Fader] which means that you can control the intensity of dimmer shapes according to fader level.

If you cannot use the fader on the playback itself to control this (for example because it is not assigned to a fader handle or because you want to use the fader to control just effect speed) then you can control the size via a size master. To do this you need to assign a size master to a fader handle (RECORD -> [Create Master] -> [Size] -> [Size x Master] (where x is one of the four you would like to use) -> <select destination fader handle>) and set the size source of the effect playback(s) to this master ([Playback Options] -> <select effect playback> -> [Effects] -> [Size Source] -> [Size x Master] (where x is the number of the size master you are using to control)).

Regarding the master dimmer control this is something of a compromise. Currently Titan only permits one HTP control (Dimmer) in any given personality. In this fixture this is assigned to the individual pixels to ensure you can have things like dimmer shapes across the six pixels and be able to control the intensity level natively by fader etc. Unfortunately this means that the 'master' dimmer in the fixture must be LTP and therefore not natively controllable by fader level. If required you can set the playback to mode 2 (fade by fader) via [Edit Times] or [Playback Options] which will proportionally fade from the current level to the recorded level according to fader position. For this to work in this example you would need to place just the master dimmer control at full in the programmer, record it to a playback fader in channel mode, manually set it back to zero and clear the programmer (both important) and lastly set the playback to mode 2. The playback fader will then control the level of the master dimmer. However, I would try to avoid this if possible. Not least beacuse if you locate the fixture it will set the master dimmer control back to full and the playback will do nothing (it will be tring to fade from full to full). And if you change it so that it locates at zero the fixture won't light until the master dimmer level is raised again, for example by lowering and raising the mode 2 playback fader. Hopefully controlling the effect size as detailed above should be sufficient and you can leave the master dimmer alone.

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