fixture order not linking

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fixture order not linking

Postby bercic » 28 Jun 2019, 12:48


I dont know if this is considered a bug or should be requested as a feature. I noticed that when changing group orders, the effect order changes correctly :D but in cues that i use with overlap the orders does not. I can survive that, but what bothers me it that if i use the same cue on different pages, and i used link instead of copy do duplicate it. when i merge the main cue with the new goup order the linked cues do not update, I find this very frustrating :)

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Re: fixture order not linking

Postby Gregory » 02 Jul 2019, 23:37

Playbacks, specifically the cue data within them, do not link to groups and therefore will not update in any way when you change the group. The order in the playback is initially based on the selection order in the programmer which in turn may be based on the order of selected groups however once the playback is recorded it has it's own setting (which can be found in the Edit Times menu) and because you may have edited this order separately this is not changed when merging additional information in.

Long term there are thoughts to make playbacks link to groups however this would have to be done so that it doesn't cause users to accidentally change cues nor require many groups with different orders or combinations of fixtures that it removes a lot of the potential benefit.
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Re: fixture order not linking

Postby bercic » 03 Jul 2019, 07:46

Thank you for your anwser.

I understand the groups and cues are not linked. Maybe first add the option that the settings of linked cues are also linked. So that if you change the fixture order of one cue in the edit times menu the other linked cues also change...

Also i noticed that if you edit effects with connect cue + shape. The linked cues do not change.
And with include and merge they do...

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