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Pioneer DJ Link

Postby djsky » 14 Jun 2019, 21:59

Saw some time ago that there was some collaboration with Avo and Pioneer DJ Link...

Is there any news as to when this is going live, and what can we achieve with this?

Ideally, I’d like an AVO desk to pick up the fact that a particular track is playing and if an entire lighting show / cuelist has been programmed to that track, then fire each step at the appropriate time.... regardless of the speed that the track is being played at..... or am I asking too much here?
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Re: Pioneer DJ Link

Postby Gregory » 15 Jun 2019, 09:59

The is no exact date for this however it is still expected later this year, probably in the autumn. Exactly what features will appear have not yet been decided but I would expect it to include the BPM master functions from the previous DJ Tap iteration. Using it as another timecode source would seem like a logical extension to that.

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