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Bart K
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Phase Master

Postby Bart K » 18 Feb 2019, 21:02

Hey guys,

Maybe a simple question but I can't find it...

Where can I find the ''phase master''?
When I create an effect in the shapes and effects editor, I saw that I can put a phase master in the shape. If I put the phase master on, the shape stops moving.
Also when I record the shape to a playback, the shape won't move.

Is there anything I miss? I would like to have something to change the phase (or spread) live in my show. Or is there a better/quicker way to do this. Except for recording 10 tilt shapes with different spreads.

I hope someone could help me.

Thanks anyway!
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Re: Phase Master

Postby Gregory » 19 Feb 2019, 14:25

The Phase Master is part of the ground work for Synergy, when it is enabled the position/phase of the shape is controlled by video content running on an Ai Server. However I am not sure if this functionality has been fully enabled in currently released software.

Other possibilities that you could try now include using shape palettes with just the spread/phase information recorded in them (to record: create a shape, set the phase/spread then press [Off] to disable the pattern). Another option would be to connect to the shape live ([Connect] + [Shape]) and just the values on the wheels (or by typing new values) however note that this will change the values stored in the original cue.
Bart K
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Re: Phase Master

Postby Bart K » 19 Feb 2019, 19:24

Hey Gregory,

Thanks for your answer.

Your idea with the [off] button works, thanks! But only when I select a group and then select the shape + spread information in the 'shape and effects' window.
So when I clear the programmer, the shapes stops. Obvious.

When I record a shape from the 'shape and effects' window in to a playback, turn it on, select a spread information, it won't work.
Is the spread information only available in the programmer?

I searched for something like this for a long time. I try to get my showfile more professionel and more varation of shapes in less faders and buttons. To be a lot quicker live when the show runs.

I hoop u can help me, thanks anyway!

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