Upgrading Pearl 2004 to USB Drive

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Upgrading Pearl 2004 to USB Drive

Postby EandresTCMA » 11 Dec 2018, 17:49

Hello folks,
A friend of mine who owns an Avolites Pearl 2004 recently purchased a GOTEX USB Flash-Drive module following some suggestions on a similar topic he found on the forum. I have read the topic he followed, but some of the links posted are now broken. The link mentioned an USB Floppy Emulator, but that link is no longer supported on that particular web site.
Could you guys guide me thru what he -(we - since I will be helping him ) need besides the module which we already have, to switch from the floppy drive to the USB, and what steps/software/updates/firmware etc we need to use/apply in order to use the USB in the console.
I have read that there seem to be a particular capacity flash drives that this module prefers to use, but other than that, what to do to the USB-
flash drive prior to first use on the console is sort of vague...

Any help will be appreciated.


03-14-2019. Hello guys, anyone has tried to change their Pearl's floppy drive to an USB Flash module ? Could use your help here. Thank you in advance.

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