Pearl Expert and Capture on Mac

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Pearl Expert and Capture on Mac

Postby nflutter » 02 Aug 2018, 20:29

I'm trying to connect my Pearl Expert (Titan 8.1) to Capture Student edition on my Macbook.

I've never done this before or used Capture so not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing.

So far I've connected the console and macbbok to a network switch.
I nCapture I've loaded the 'Club' demo file and patched some of the fixtures on my console.

In Capture under the universes tab I can see my console in the project console drop down and I can see Capture universes under Artnet in the DMX settings page of the console. What I can't see is anything under the universes heading in Capture, I'm guessing I should see connected universes? There is nothing when I click the View Fixture patch button in Capture. I have connected every type of Artnet/sACN to a DMX output of the desk and patched a fixture to each of the DMX lines but I still can't see anything in Capture.

Is this a limitation of the student version or should I be able to connect?

Any help appreciated.


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