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Titan Removing Fixtures from A Cue List

Posted: 10 Jun 2018, 15:00
by afandrewflanagan
I have a cue list which I want to remove certain fixtures from the cue, however when I select them hit remove fixtures then confirm nothing happens and they are still in the cue?
EDIT: My cue list also now has two colums under each section (dimmer shutter) with a D and a F. I presume this is delay and fade, but I cant get out of this screen.
Help please

Re: Titan Removing Fixtures from A Cue List

Posted: 11 Jun 2018, 19:30
by Gregory
A possible reason that might prevent you from deleting fixtures from a cue is that they are being tracked from a previous cue. If this is the case you can either turn off tracking for the whole cue list or set the cue in question to block so that previous values are not tracked in.

The Cue View shows you the contents of an individual cue and can show either attribute values or the delay and fade times as in your case. You can switch what is shown in the context menu which is either to the left of the softkey menu or opened by pressing the button with three lines on it next to the cross to close the window.